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Personal Security Mace Wireless Window Sensor

Mace Wireless Window Sensor

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WIRELESS DOOR/WINDOW SENSOR Install the Door/Window Sensor with Alarm 1. Remove the screw from the battery compartment cover. Remove the two sensors from the battery compartment. Install a 9V battery and replace the battery cover and screw. 2. Test unit before permanently installing. After you select a location, you should test the door/window sensor transmitting range before mounting it permanently. First, move the alarm switch to OFF. Put the two sensors you pulled out of the battery compartment next to each other with the arrows pointing towards each other. Go back to the control unit and press the [HOME] button. After 60 seconds, return to ihe magnetic door/window sensor and separate the two sensors. You should hear the control unit sound a "Ding-Dong" chime if the signal is working. If this fails pull the antenna up from the door/window sensor and try again. Press [HOME] again to turn this testing mode off. 3. Mount the magnetic door/window sensor. Choose a suitable location, then mark location, drill holes and install anchors and screws. Place the unil over the screws and slide it down to secure in place. 4. Mount the magnetic wired piece to the door or window frame and the matching non-wired piece to the other side by using the double-side tape (included). Make sure that the arrow on the wired sensor points to the non wired sensor. The two sensors should be no more than 1/4" aport. This unit is an accessory to the Mace' Wireless Home Security System, see the manual for complete inshuctions.